Beyond Outsider Art.


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To understand Outsider Art is to conserve it.   Historically we have valued the interpretative artists for their historical importance, familiarity and pleasure, but society has had little time for nonconformity or art that exemplifies a ‘breakthrough’ in vision.[i] In addition, we can now conjecture an intrinsic purpose in being creative that is linked to human well being, but convincing people that making art is more important than buying a second car or taking a luxurious holiday is another thing.    Undoubtedly, the creative arts have been enduring.  The art of civilisations is, in many instances, the only thing left when cities and populations decline. We remember the past through peoples’ art.  History and endurance requires vision.   The ability to vision is not the same as the tendency to dream.   We must awake from our dreams and rarely do we put their contents into effect.[ii]  Visionaries take dreaming to another level whereby the fantasies can become the means to create a better more harmonious world.


Angel by Du Brae 2011.


Nymph by Du Brae 2011.


Shaman by Du Brae. 2011


Diana by Du Brae


Debra by Du Brae


Thorns by Du Brae

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Cat Woman by Du Brae


Spring Fairy by Du Brae


Atomic Cat by Du Brae.

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Amy by Du Brae.

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Salome by Du Brae


Powerhouse 1 by Du Brae.


Carla by Du Brae

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Powerhouse 2 by Du Brae

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Powerhouse 3 by Du Brae

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Powerhouse 4 by Du Brae.

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Powerhouse 5 by Du Brae.


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[ii]Ariety S.[1976] Creativity: ‘The Magic Synthesis’. New York. Basic Books.



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