Monthly Archives: August 2016

What’s new at the Manna Gum Community House.


A book on the art of Geraldine Wogan- Browne is due to be launched in November 2016 and a memorial garden to the artist is already underway at the Manna Gum Community House.  This is a very exciting time for the people of Foster, an opportunity to celebrate the life and work of  an amazing women.

Pictures of the Wogan Browne Memorial Garden being constructed.Digital Camera 



Vegetable beds to add to the House Food Bank. In the background the frame for the new sign.

Digital Camera

Digital CameraDigital Camera                                 The new sign and one of our valued volunteer workers.

Digital Camera                                   The frame for the new sign and a glimpse of the old sign.     

Digital CameraDigital Camera                                                              View of the new pathway.

Digital Camera                                                       Great tree art in the community garden.

More to come, the garden will look fabulous when it is finished.  Keep watch!!!

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