Monthly Archives: January 2015

Mail Art.


Thank you C.R. This reminds me of sea grass.

Jan Theuninck Belgium 001

Zyklon B by Jan Theuninck: Belgium. Thank you for supporting the campaign to stop the Nooramunga National Park in Victoria Australia from becoming an open cut coal mine. There is power in art!

Thank you Liberty 001

Thank you Liberty; France. A very calming and beautiful piece.

New work from Robert Prudhoe [Boinga Bob].


This artist’s work is constantly changing with new shapes and colours.


There are some really nice editions here to the front of the temple.


Robert likes the company of friends. He always post a small creature with his work and I see this as very symbolic of what he is attempting to represent.


I am noticing more blues these days and a very vivid shade too. Robert went overseas recently and he send me a photograph of himself in a very blue shirt. It resonates with the eagle on the façade of the temple.


Seas of green and blue holding fast to a kind of labyrinth, Robert views them as fractals.