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The building in this picture is a temple constructed by Robert Prudhoe, otherwise known as Boinga Bob.  Robert Prudhoe has spent his life building temples for people to visit, meditate, heal, enjoy and learn about the world’s cultures. Bob’s passion is to work from the ‘spirit’ to spread ‘Love and Light’, this has been his entire life’s purpose.    The building is nestled into the mountainside of the Victorian town of Warburton, Australia. It is a busy tourist attraction and has featured numerous times on television and in the media.    This is no ordinary building; Bob’s temple is A UNIQUE PIECE OF OUTSIDER ART NOT REPLICATED ANYWHERE ELSE IN AUSTRALIA.  The temple has stood on the site for more than twenty years. It is the second temple Bob has built on the land, the first burnt down.    Bob is known for his temple buildings internationally, he has never been awarded a planning permit, but the local Shire have allegedly sought to use this iconic building to promote tourism, especially when business in the small town was struggling.  Times are changing.  The hamlet of Warburton is only 40 minutes or so from the outer Melbourne suburbs and land is in high demand.  Now suddenly, the Shire has issued a COMPLANCE ORDER on the temple building and they want to remove it, or a significant part of it.   This would force Bob to sell or vacate the land.   All of the problems in relation to the building could be easily resolved, but Bob, an aged pensioner, has neither the strength nor the funds necessary to carry out the work.  Since, the Shire and others have benefitted from Bob’s work [and he has received no payment] there is, I believe, a moral obligation to help this unique outsider artist retain his building and afford it a proper place in the history of Australia’s Outsider Art.

I believe artists are passionate, genuine and caring people. Please show your support to save Boinga Bob’s temple.

PLEASE HELP TO STOP THE DEMOLITION OF THIS IMPORTANT PIECE OF OUTSIDER ART.  Please, wherever you are in the world, help to create a project that will draw attention to the importance of conserving Boinga Bob’s temple. [Google Boinga Bob’s temple; see the beauty].   Please show the Australian Governments at all levels that OUTSIDER ART MATTERS. Please post your art THEME: SAVE BOINGA BOB’S TEMPLE in as many public places as you can and send copies to the following address:

The Victorian State Minister for Planning:  The Hon. Matthew Guy, MLC. Level 20 Spring Street, Melbourne, 3000.                                            Email:

Large Art Movements.

The mail art movement worldwide is huge and it provides a fascinating revival in day to day art and functionalism.  There is so much amazing work floating through the communications channels. The arts have always had revolutionary potential, the sheer volume of mail art could see it significantly changing the way we view western culture.


LUCK53d Stephane BlakeLUCK53a Stephane BlakeErdoven       Arzu Ay Erdoven   AmyIrwenUSAXploitation

001                                                              This is the very first piece of mail art received via snail mail.  It comes from Che Botka in Melbourne. See the Mail Art page for some stunning creations.




There has been an amazing response to the call for mail art. Here are some examples:

38_365_2 stripy goose     40 Marian Serban

Uploaded to the International Union of Mail Artists by Marian Serban and Stripy Goose.
42_365_2  Stripy Goose    ABeeinHerBonnet  Borderline Grafix                                Stripy Goose                                        Borderline Grafix
Addandpasses1Guido Vermulio                             DebWilson01                     Guido Vermulio                                  Deb Wilson

A busy week at the gallery.

Digital Camera    Digital Camera

Digital Camera    Digital Camera

The gallery garden is in full bloom and the cows are calving on the property next door.  We are attempting to bring a group of Sudanese women to the property for a workshop next year.   This is very exciting because there is plenty of room for refugees to settle in this area.  We would welcome them and their diverse cultures and artistry.