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Unique Outsider Art in Warburton, Victoria.

003                                                                       Boinga Bob’s beautiful outsider house in Warburton, Victoria is being threatened because it doesn’t comply with local council regulations.  Complying with councils is often a problem for outsider artists.  We need some kind of register to protect these valuable assets.  

Outsider Art.

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New at the Smallest Gallery in Gippsland. 

Outsider Art and Research.

Too many Outsider artists have been delegated to the margins of society, considered unruly and untrained.  Some have been recognised and exploited.    I am so impressed with the depth of expression and meaning in this unspoiled and  unconventional work, it  has few parallels.  Having spent several days sifting through work to be included in an academic paper I am astounded at the brilliant compositions, colours, layers and techniques this art has to offer.  Art can console the mind and bring about mindfulness. Art can also teach us about the internal narratives that stem from the unconscious and so often dominate behaviour.  We have much to learn from these wonderful artists who share so much of their inner worlds with us. Check out the page on Outsider Artists.

Outsider Art.

003 (2)                                                              This wonderful example of ‘Outsider Art’ in Warburton, Victoria was featured on the TV lifestyle program ‘Better Homes and Gardens’. Now it appears that the local Shire want to have it removed because it doesn’t comply with regulations.


Boinga Bob and Joanna Griggs at Bob’s house and temple.