Outsider art, Gippsland.

I am delighted to be able to bring you the work of a wonderfully talented outsider artist named Neil.    We have not yet reached a point in society where outsider art is fully accepted as a legitimate expression of creativity.  Outsider art still sits on the fringes  of what remains, in some quarters,   an elite collective of  artists and followers who see art solely as a thing of beauty and prestige.  Art has a much deeper purpose. Art taps into the unconscious and it has the potential to heal what has been all to dreadful to confront consciously or to speak of.  Outsider art is an important genre that reveals all aspects of the artist’s inner world.   What is art if it  is not meaningful and how can art be meaningful if the artist (any artist) is not free to portray his or her emotions in ways that are genuine and deeply held.  Outsider artists are, in my view, the bravest of people.  Their work sits at the cutting edge of science and its most resent discoveries on perception, interpretation and resonance.  Outsider artists connect the sense based experiences to the intellect and I think anyone who deliberates over the outsider art that follows will see just how we all have a sense of fantasy and the absurd and just how powerful that can be as a form of artistic expression.

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The Senses.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

On show at the Toora Gallery 29th September, 2017.

      Much of the world appears to be in turmoil.  The situation is not new, it is part of the human condition to create disarray and conflict. We engage in a struggle between the life and death instincts; such is life!  Yet, many would agree that conscious and rational processes of thought have amounted to an ambiguity that borders on human extinction and these disagreements are displayed in a mass crisis in consciousness. How should we view this disturbing state ? One’s perceived place in the world has shifted. The old remedies of religion, discipline, duty, pride and self-assurance are no longer relevant. Humans have outgrown the institutions designed to invoke like-mindedness and the experience  of calm. Instead we have an ongoing calamity.   The institutions have let us down, they were never what we believed them to be. Society sits between a fine balance of euphoric fantasy and the corruption that is the will to power.  The individual is said to be at the centre of his or her world; yet the individual’s world is a material entity that is lost in the struggle to find the authentic “self” and its meaning.   Meaning is an inward struggle of feeling brought about by the senses.  Consciousness and awareness are not the same thing.  Consciousness always has an object directed towards the outer world.  Awareness is a potential arising from the sensual intuitive feeling. The human psyche is incommensurable with the whole universe.  We are but a grain of sand on the inimitable shore.

There is a pool of thought that considers creativity as the only appropriate response to the unanswered questions of turmoil.  Creativity provides a step back to a position where we can examine the world from a different dimension.  Creativity gives us a place in the culture and a set of values that helps to transcend the day to day difficulties and frustrations. Creativity provides us with social networks and communication at a level that acts on the more quiescent parts of the human brain, thus it causes a distraction to daily problems. Creativity makes us feel good because it taps into the inner senses and their potential awareness.  Awareness is who we are.